Welcome to the Technology and Social Action Web Site


Welcome to the Technology and Social Action Website


This site was established as part of the Technology and Social Action project to foster dialogue and collaboration between activists in social movements, voluntary and community organisations and technology designers. It was funded under the Designing for the 21st Century initiative of the Arts and Humanities Research Council and the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council.

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Practical Designs for Social Action: New Understandings, New Communities, New Practices

16 Mar 2009 - 00:30
16 Mar 2009 - 18:00

When: Monday 16th March 2009,  09.30 - 18.00

This final PRADSA showcase event focused on "How can the design of Information; Communication Technologies (ICT) affect your capacity to change the world?"

The hotseats may be closed, but the conversation rages on…


Paula Graham explored the "fit" between technology activists and VCS's. http://hs.technologyandsocialaction.org/hotseat-6 

Hannah Beardon explored Power and Participation http://hs.technologyandsocialaction.org/node/174   

Marc Osten asked Will Web 2.0 be the toolset we need to change the world? http://hs.technologyandsocialaction.org/hotseat-4

5th PRaDSA Workshop: Where the Money comes from - funding Technology and Social Action projects


June 10th and 11th at Anglia Ruskin University, Chelmsford http://www.anglia.ac.uk
This workshop picks up a theme close to the hearts of participants in previous PRaDSA events and anyone who has to find the money to develop and implement their good ideas. We take as our theme the issue of fundraising, the politics of financial support for social action organisations and the wellbeing of our communities.

In particular we ask:

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Power and Participation: 4th & 5th September, Leeds

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4 Sep 2008 - 12:00
5 Sep 2008 - 16:30

PRaDSA (Practical Design for Social Action) has been running a series of workshops around the UK to share experience among people with technology and social action interests and skills and provide a forum for discussion and reflection on issues chosen by participants. This last workshop focuses on the central issues of power and participation in working with technology to make social action happen.

March Presentations: Using Web 2.0 Technologies (and Social Networking Tools) for Social Action

PRADSA held its 4th Workshop on 11/12th March 2008 under the theme: Designing for the 21st Century: Using Web 2.0 Technologies (and Social Networking Tools) for Social Action. The Workshop drew over 40 delegates from both Europe and the United States. A diverse group of presenters gave presentations on a variety of topics in relation to web 2.0. These are summarised below. For full presentations, please follow the links right after the respective summaries.

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