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Social media for UK nonprofits beginning to buzz

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Social media for social change - time for Netsquared Europe?

I've just blogged this at Designing for Civil Society - it might be worth making some connections ...

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Conversation starters on social action

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Hannah Beardon recently challenged us to focus some of our discussion on people, power and how technology makes a difference ... rather than just talking about tools:

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Open source, proprietary and free software

Over at Opengender, Paula Graham has a great article Who's afraid of free software? which touches on issues we discussed at our workshop. Paula argues people in small organisations are frightened off the use of open source because they think support is a problem - and this is a gender issue:

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Designing for social action

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow's first PRADSA workshop in Loughborough, and since I'm running a session I thought you might like a preview. We'll be trying out a version of a game I've developed over the past few years with my colleague Drew Mackie.

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