Creating a Drupal module to allow individual tagging and links on user home pages.

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Leonie recently asked me to add a feature to the technology and social action web site that allows participants to categorise the content on the site with their own tags. This we enabled by using the community tags module. She also asked to add a feature where a user tags would be available on their profile page. This took a little more work as this feature required a new module writing. I've just finished it.

To use the new features notice that, when logged in, a small text box has appeared below most articles, called "My Tags". You can enter a comma separated list of descriptive words or phrases in there.

To see your tagged articles notice that, at your user home page ( marked "My account" on the LHS menu if you get lost), a new tab has appeared, called "MyTags". In there you'll find links to all the articles etc you have tagged.

For instance you might want to tag some articles as "Informative" or "Interesting" or as "Read later". I'm sure you get the idea.

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