PRADSA hotseat - How do we evaluate our impact?

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Hi again,
Our next hotseat is now open and Steve Walker invites your participation
with "Evaluation is often seen as a necessary evil: a requirement for
financial support. It can often feel like that, certainly. When we're trying
to understand how to use novel technologies, though, evaluation can be an
important part of the learning process. After all, it's the opportunity for
us to understand technologies 'in the wild': and our 'wild' is often very
different from that of business or government whence many technologies

How then, can we organise evaluation as a learning process, in
this case, about technology?"

For the next fortnight, Clodagh Miskelly and Steve Walker will explore how
we can use evaluation to enhance our effectiveness. Steve's work in
evaluating large scale projects has required that he take a more structured
and formal approach, whereas Clodagh has worked with small groups using in
depth dialogue. By bringing them together we aim to engage our diverse range
of social activist colleagues in dialogue.
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warm wishes
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