5th PRaDSA Workshop: Where the Money comes from - funding Technology and Social Action projects


June 10th and 11th at Anglia Ruskin University, Chelmsford http://www.anglia.ac.uk
This workshop picks up a theme close to the hearts of participants in previous PRaDSA events and anyone who has to find the money to develop and implement their good ideas. We take as our theme the issue of fundraising, the politics of financial support for social action organisations and the wellbeing of our communities.

In particular we ask:

  • What is the impact of entrepreneurialism on the various sectors we represent?
  • Which way is the wind blowing?
  • What does it take to get our projects off the drawing board?
  • And how do we secure what we need with maximum efficiency and effectiveness?

There is little doubt more money exists for technology and social action projects than most of us have an idea of. Our domains of experience give us access to particular pots and a sense of what can be achieved in certain arenas. We can pool our knowledge and explore new collaborations to widen our possibilities. And there are experts who have a greater repertoire of possible sources than most of us. So we’re bringing together practitioners engaged in initiating projects that rely on inspiration and bidding skills with a couple of experts to share contacts and best tips.

We’ll make time to share the tricks we’ve learnt to extract the best from the different streams that we feel confidence with. We’ll also review the best ways of keeping each other informed about sources and opportunities. And we’ll consider the longer-term trends and discuss what this will mean for different sectors. So come along, discuss what we’d do with enough money to put the world to rights and then work out ways of getting it.

Day one will start sharply at 1pm, though a bite of lunch will be available from noon.
Day two ends at 4pm to allow for travelling.

Chelmsford is approximately 40 minutes north of London out of Liverpool Street station.

We have some money to pay expenses, including your stay overnight in Chelmsford (and a limited budget to cover your absence from work – be that to your organisation or to you as a freelance operator), if you wish to attend this workshop and contribute.

To register for a place, send:

  1. your funding questions,
  2. any ideas you want to get funded (that you would be prepared to share), and
  3. any funding offers that have caught your attention (and that you may want to bid for)

to Kutoma Wakunuma at <K.J.Wakunuma@shu.ac.uk> as soon as possible. She will also be the first port of call for any questions you have.


Location: Anglia Ruskin University, Chelmsford http://www.anglia.ac.uk

Delegates will be staying at the Atlantic Hotel
http://www.atlantichotel.co.uk and dinner will be at the Riverside Inn

Maps are available from http://www.anglia.ac.uk/ruskin/en/home/about/findus.html