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here is the first piece of new casework I have since the meeting which involves technology, social action, participative methods,


and the mistery of why the file I sent has all its formatting data stripped out


The W3C Semantic Web Deployment Working Group is pleased to announce the
publication of a Last Call Working Draft for the Simple Knowledge
Organisation System Reference (SKOS):

Our Working Group has made its best effort to address all comments received
to date, and we seek confirmation that the comments have been addressed to
the satisfaction of the community, allowing us to move forward to W3C
Candidate Recommendation following the Last Call process.

The Working Group solicits review and feedback on this draft specification.
In particular, the Working Group would be keen to hear comments regarding
any features identified at risk, and from those implementing (among others):

* Editors:  editors that either consume or produce SKOS;

* Services: vocabulary services that provide access to vocabularies using

* Checkers: applications that check whether the constraints on SKOS
vocabularies have been violated.

Comments are requested by 3 October 2008, at which time the Working Group
intends to close Last Call. All comments are welcome and should be sent to; please include the text "SKOS comment" in the subject
line. All messages received at this address are viewable in a public


now this snip seems to be ok for formatting


but I don't seem to have a pane which allows me to return to the top of the message