social change

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22 Oct 2008 - 00:00
31 Dec 2008 - 23:59
art, technology and social change
is an open resource designed to connect knowledge, ideas and
experiences among artists, organisations and people interested in
this area. It aims to be an accessible and useful shared tool for
those who use, or seek to use, creative technologies to work with
people and / or realise public work. If this sounds like you, come
and join, share, and gain insight and inspiration by visiting
features case studies, a growing list of useful resources, videos and
interviews with artists including Loraine Leeson, Manu Luksch and
Mukul Patel, Stacy Makishi and Lois Weaver. Until Christmas 2008 co- will host invited contributors who will post thoughts and
/or provocations to stir up the debate in the site's forums. As a
subscriber, you can add content, comment on topics emerging through
the forums and point people towards other projects, resources and
ideas – including your own.

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