Fring - Mobile Symbian VOIP Application

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Just discovered
It allows you to use the various large VOIP providers like skype , google talk, msn and its own user base at on Symbian mobile phones using a data connection rather than a GSM connection.
This allows you to make VOIP calls to your friends on MSN, or you can use a service like SkypeOut to make interational calls without paying an exorbitant per minute rate.

Complimentary Services to VoIP

There are several complimentary services to VoIP. They are T1 internet, PBX phone systems, high speed internet and satellite internet. More about these services can be found at


Thank for this

Thank for this, I browse this software, fring seem excellent, I had used raketu before, raketu use peer-to-peer (p2p) technology allows high quality VoIP calling and they claim the highest call-completion, without the security issues associated with supernodes (i.e. skype) and other traditional p2p technologies. I hope fring can be one competitor with raketu.

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Sounds good - let's try it!

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