Describing my idea


Fred is a professional facilitator in the field of urban
development. He has become interested in the potential of public screens to
stimulate creativity in local youngsters, but he has no background in the
technology. He attended Urban Screens Manchester 07 and his Google search has
revealed the existence of several research projects in related fields, so he is
now quite clued up about other work in the area but hasn’t yet hit upon someone
doing exactly what interests him. He lives in Liverpool, where BBC 24 plays in
the centre of town all day. He would like to form a community project with young
people to generate stories of the city in their own words and images for use on
a screen like this one. At the moment, it is only an idea and although he has a
little time on his hands to work it up into a proper proposal, he has no idea
quite how to present it or where to present it in order to get access to the
materials he needs.