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Peacemakers is Kenya

Kennnedy was badly affected by the post-election turmoil in his home area in Kenya (in one of the Nairobi slums). He is the leader of a team of acrobats. He is also an active member of the Minciu Sodas online community. After the election Luos and Kikuyus became engaged in violent conflict, but Kennedy's team of acrobats includes Luos and Kikuyus. Kennedy wanted to combat the separation of tribalism and the divisiveness of post election violence.

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This page collates all the user stories that we have created for PRADSAX.

User Stories are the most basic way for us to think about what we might want PRADSAX to be, what we might want this tool / network to do for us. A good story should includ a person, a situation (something they are trying to do) and some action (something they do to make it happen). That's it - simple.

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Moving my organisation forwards

Chris runs the IT department of a major international
charity’s UK HQ and doesn’t get out as much as he thinks he should to keep up
with new developments. He feels himself to be in an odd role in his
organisation, supporting people whose main job is to support others and who
often regard technology as a nuisance rather than the enabler he sees it as. He
has been trying to get a new system of indexing adopted within the charity,
based on folksonomies, as he sees in this bottom-up form of tagging a genuinely

Mobilising others to take an opportunity

Tim has a part-time job in a small trade union in the
catering industry as education officer and also works in a collective
campaigning for a higher minimum wage. He knows everyone and everything that’s
going on in his sector. He gets a sense of achievement in bringing people
together to improve the conditions of employment and chances for development
that appear occasionally for the poorly unionised, casually employed and
relatively apolitical groups he supports. He is remarkably good at spotting

Sharing my knowledge


Sarah is an artist and mother of two young children, who
volunteers at the local urban farm cafe from 11am to 2pm every day. She uses the
Web to source local suppliers and ingredients. She has started her own
spreadsheet of recommended sources and updates a webpage regularly so that other
people can use her research. She would like to turn the page into a more useful
resource by making it a proper database and giving trusted others access to
updating it. She also wants to develop a wider regional profile for it, to

Describing my idea


Fred is a professional facilitator in the field of urban
development. He has become interested in the potential of public screens to
stimulate creativity in local youngsters, but he has no background in the
technology. He attended Urban Screens Manchester 07 and his Google search has
revealed the existence of several research projects in related fields, so he is
now quite clued up about other work in the area but hasn’t yet hit upon someone
doing exactly what interests him. He lives in Liverpool, where BBC 24 plays in

Publicising an opportunity


Jane works for a UK funding body which currently has a pot of
money to develop social enterprise responses in the field of preventative health
care with particular emphasis on midlife issues such as obesity, blood pressure
and healthy eating. She is looking to ensure that the call being written to
encourage the submission of bids reaches the sector at large. The call specifies
that the organisation is seeking innovative approaches to preventative health
from within England and Wales. This could take the form of a public campaign, a

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