Mobilising others to take an opportunity

Tim has a part-time job in a small trade union in the
catering industry as education officer and also works in a collective
campaigning for a higher minimum wage. He knows everyone and everything that’s
going on in his sector. He gets a sense of achievement in bringing people
together to improve the conditions of employment and chances for development
that appear occasionally for the poorly unionised, casually employed and
relatively apolitical groups he supports. He is remarkably good at spotting
opportunities where other people wouldn’t see the relevance to the work he’s
trying to do. However, though highly sociable and a great user of social
networking technologies, he is the first to admit that he hasn’t a clue about
technology, can’t get anything to work for him as he would like it in the office
and doesn’t spend time fiddling about with it when there are important issues to
fight for in the world outside.