Moving my organisation forwards

Chris runs the IT department of a major international
charity’s UK HQ and doesn’t get out as much as he thinks he should to keep up
with new developments. He feels himself to be in an odd role in his
organisation, supporting people whose main job is to support others and who
often regard technology as a nuisance rather than the enabler he sees it as. He
has been trying to get a new system of indexing adopted within the charity,
based on folksonomies, as he sees in this bottom-up form of tagging a genuinely
innovative means that offices around the world can find related materials more
easily and see the work of others in ways that a more hierarchical system
doesn’t handle well. His trial with a tag cloud on the front page of the website
seems more popular with external visitors than staff. In fact, he finds it
difficult to spread his enthusiasm amongst those entering the information about
the different projects that the charity undertakes and even his own team members
don’t seem as interested as he thinks they should be.