Peacemakers is Kenya

Kennnedy was badly affected by the post-election turmoil in his home area in Kenya (in one of the Nairobi slums). He is the leader of a team of acrobats. He is also an active member of the Minciu Sodas online community. After the election Luos and Kikuyus became engaged in violent conflict, but Kennedy's team of acrobats includes Luos and Kikuyus. Kennedy wanted to combat the separation of tribalism and the divisiveness of post election violence.

He did this in two ways: through his acrobats; and also through on-the-ground peace activism enabled by his online friends in Minciu Sodas. The acrobats continued to perform together, despite raging tribal conflict, thus making a powerful peace-making statement about continued teamwork and support for each other. In their performances they were creating human pyramids of peace. When he was not performing Kennedy became part of another "Pyramid of Peace" (PoP). This was, and is, a rapidly growing collaboration of peacemakers in Kenya and e-collaborators in Minciu Sodas, who have worked together thanks to ICT - mobile phones and the Internet. ICT has enabled valuable sharing of information and ideas, rapid trasfer of funds, and many humanitarian and peace making activities. See for an appeal which gives details, and photos.

Kennedy and other PoP peace-makers plan to continue working with the displaced people and violent youth, because they belive there will be no lasting peace until there is justice, and ways to escape from poverty and unemployment.