The PRADSAX initiative

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What is PRADSAX?

PRADSAX refers to the Practical Design for Social Action (PRADSA) information and resource eXchange.

PRADSAX will deliver:

New ways of working to supports our collective
intelligence, to help us get resources to improve the availability and
use of technology in social action.


PRADSAX: A Design activity

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PRADSAX: The Design Activity

PRADSAX the design activity is a project to design
a new way of working to deliver the collective intelligence that we
need to help us get resources to improve the availability and use of
technology in social action.

PRADSAX: The Software Development Programme

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A Software Development Program

PRADSAX the software development programme is an
effort to create the new software tools that are needed to support our
eXchange activity. In a world of mashups, open source and web 2.0 and
with our limited resources, we want to re-use not re-invent. In a world
of agile software development, we want to start by implementing the
scenarios and user-strories that gives us the greatest additional value
for the least developer effort.


PRADSAX: An engaged community

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An Engaged Community

Ultimately, PRADSAX will succeed of fail because
of people engaging together. Our community is interacting, discussing,
debating, designing and developing on-line and face-to-face. We are
meeting here at, in a googlegroup, on (using the PRADSA and PRADSAX tags, and other tags) and elsewhere. If you share our vision, come and join us.

PRADSAX: An Action Research Programme

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An Action Research Program

This program is both action (we want to create a
system) and research (we are trying to investigate a general question
about designing technology in 21st Century social action contexts).


Our (initial) question is:

How do we go about designing new e-practices in the space of technology and social action given:

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