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From a discussion with Alan Dawson, Clodagh Miskelly & Steve Thompson.

Could be called the "Flying by the seat of ones pants" approach to decision making.

As with all approaches to decision making one would gather all the facts, options, problems etc and then form a decision. For some people over time it proves more workable to defer the decision until the last possible moment so that some of the possible decisions naturally fall away as being impractical and the decision almost makes itself by possibly ending up being the only one left standing.

However, the Journey analogy is good here because although you have made a decision on how to get from A (the beginning) to Z (completion) successfully you know from experience that something will happen on the journey (could be represented by any of the other 24 letters)that will require a personal or group decision to surmount. The frequent and experienced "decision traveller" will purposely not make all the decisions at the outset as it is clear that further decisions will have to be made along the way in the light of unforeseen events.

The trick is not to panic when a decision needs to be made and use one part of your consciousness to continue the journey whilst using another to either implement a decision to surmount the emerging problem or encourage the "fellow travellers" to collaboratively come up with a solution.

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