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Decision Making -

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From a discussion with Alan Dawson, Clodagh Miskelly & Steve Thompson.

Could be called the "Flying by the seat of ones pants" approach to decision making.

As with all approaches to decision making one would gather all the facts, options, problems etc and then form a decision. For some people over time it proves more workable to defer the decision until the last possible moment so that some of the possible decisions naturally fall away as being impractical and the decision almost makes itself by possibly ending up being the only one left standing.

Decision Making

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Decision Making Tools

Online decision making tools and projects

The Decider -
A very simple site that helps groups to make decisions online. It enables the creation of “issues” (e.g. how should we spend this £1000?) and “options” (e.g. i) go on holiday ii) put it in a saving account iii) other). Users can then vote on how good they think each option is and/ or create a new option.

VoSnap -

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Decision making and design

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The recent pradsa2 workshop at University of West of England had a session on decision making. Our group decided assess the design decisions in developing this web site. I'll start putting my understanding of that process here.

Before the first workshop I perceived the site to be a place where people would come to ( ie log in ), produce content ( ie blog stuff, post forum questions ), building a corpus of examples and knowledge.

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