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TeesValley Community Radio and TV

Sorry guys nothing to see here. I was hoping to pull in the RSS feed to show another blog here. Watch this space.

Britain needs public, free, city-wide wi-fi networks

In a report published in mid-April, the Broadband Stakeholder Group warned that “time is running out to get the UK in shape to cope with the next wave of net use.” The Group is calling for telecoms firms to be encouraged to build faster networks, warning that without such investment, the country “could suffer profound social and economic setbacks.”

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Hiding the Navigation Menus - except for logged in users

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Created a custom block with the below php code and then disabled the drupal built in navigation block

global $user;
if ($user->uid) {
if ($menu = menu_tree()) {
   echo "";
   echo "
    "; print $menu ; echo "
"; echo ""; } } ?>
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